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    Ruby & Weiss Theme

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    Jeff Williams (arr. rinforzando)


Yooooo! So ‘cause I’m a big gay music nerd, I transcribed the overlapping motifs of Ruby and Weiss’ theme from episode 7!

It’s incredibly neat how the themes are weaved together!

1) At the beginning, Ruby’s theme starts off with the harp.
2) Weiss’ theme join in with the piano at around 14 seconds in.
3) THEN OMG AT 29 SECONDS. The oboe and bassoon come in and play Weiss’s and Ruby’s motifs, respectively: “Mirror, what’s inside you?”; and “Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest.”
4) jdfskladjga okay then at 44 seconds in, the violin plays:
"Mirror, mirror, what’s behind you? Save me from the things I see! I can keep it from the world, why won’t—"
while the French horn plays: “Black the beast descends from darkness. Yellow beauty burns—”


Bless you, Jeff Williams. Friggin’ A+.

Also, I’ll post the sheet music if anyone wants it! Maybe I’ll put up a video showing how all the parts fit together. It’s pretty neat to see and hear.

Edit: Sheet music/playback uploaded here!

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